"Oh Girl.....I love your style"

Some people have it and some people don’t. Others just express it in a way that makes sense only to them. What are we describing? STYLE! In our definition, style is whatever fashion choices make you, uniquely YOU! However, its OK to be inspired by what you see, but you don’t have to be a clone. Here are a few rules and tips we have when it comes to finding a style for yourself. 

  1. There are no rules, you set your own bar or standard.
  2. Who cares what others think, if you like it then you wear it. 
  3. Avoid wrinkles! That has nothing to do with style, that says a lot about your character. 
  4. It’s not about the item, it’s about how you style it.  
  5. Never pass up a particular store because you feel like it may not be your style. There is always a gem waiting to be discovered!
  6. Dress for your body type.
  7. Don’t doubt yourself . Own it! 
  8. Know the difference between having your own look and looking like a spectacle. Don't clown yourself.
  9. Everyday is a runway. You only feel as good as you look. Who cares what everyone else is wearing.

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  • Carmelle
    speaks to me. I remember several years ago hunting all over ATL for something stylish and unique and found exactly what I was looking for in the least likely ( so I thought) place!

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