Whip It Real Good

The Underestimated Accessory

When you think about accessories, what are your first initial thoughts? Maybe jewelry, hats, hair ornaments, purses or a cute pair of stockings or socks? One thing we rarely add to that category are BELTS! Belts are sooo underrated and hardly get the respect they deserve! A belt is an essential wardrobe item that every woman should have! Some of us have that one ride or die belt that we can’t live without. But its time to take your belt game to a new level. So lets level up with our belts people. Belts are so versatile. They are thin or wide. They can be layered, fringed or a chain. They accentuate any outfit and bring your look to different levels. They can also make you look slimmer, give you a waist and of course hold up your pants. Prices vary, however they are a great investment since they are likely to stay around for awhile! Check out these belts options to try out. 


Wide belts: Brings looser looks together 


Chain Belts: Serves as an additional jewelry piece


Belt Bag: An eye catching piece that serves as a purse as well


Belt Layering: Helps accentuate waist for an hour glass look


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  • Brandee

    I think I’ve owned more belts than the average person for sure! I just got rid of a huge back full of them, they are truly an underrated accessory that can take an outfit to the next level!

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